Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

At Umojami, our commitment is to foster an inclusive, safe, and supportive community for creators and their audiences. The internet and creative landscapes are diverse, allowing various communities to flourish. We aim to maintain Umojami as an intimate, secure space where creators and their communities thrive. Explore our Benefit Guidelines for detailed information about the advantages.

Enforcement of Guidelines

Umojami is a diverse community where differing viewpoints coexist. While disagreements may arise, they might not necessarily breach our Community Guidelines. If you encounter content on Umojami that appears to contravene our guidelines, please use our reporting tool to notify us. Our Trust & Safety team will review reports and, if necessary, contact the creator if a violation is confirmed.

Our commitment to creators drives our decisions. As a platform, we invest significantly in ensuring fairness and transparency. We prioritize open communication with creators. Regarding moderation, our primary approach is education, aiming to clarify rule violations and how to rectify them. In severe or intentional violations, actions like account suspension or removal may be taken. In extreme cases, a creator might be banned from Umojami.

Our responsibility extends beyond Umojami-funded activities. We also consider activities outside our platform related to your Umojami membership. When assessing a page, we review how creations are shared, linked, and the traffic sources. Regardless, creators always have the opportunity to appeal a decision by contacting us with relevant information for review.

Respect, Safety, and Creation

These guidelines are a compass for Umojami and its creators. They aim not to enforce rigid definitions of "right" or "wrong," but rather to foster an environment where diverse creators and their communities feel supported, respected, and free to exist, accommodating different perspectives.

Authenticity and Original Content

Umojami is dedicated to original creations. Creators must refrain from posting content that infringes on others' intellectual property rights. Fake pages or misleading fundraising campaigns are prohibited. Satire and comedy, understood as original creations, are reviewed differently and might be allowed. For detailed information, refer to our Copyright and Trademark Policy.

Deepfakes and Prohibited Content

Umojami strictly prohibits certain deepfake content that intimidates, bullies, or misrepresents individuals, including sexually explicit or fraudulent uses of public figures' images. Violent or graphic content is not permitted, except in documentary, educational, or scientific contexts. Fictional or dramatized violent content must be clearly contextualized.

Bullying, Harassment, and Hate Speech

Umojami does not tolerate bullying or harassment. Critical discussions are encouraged, but not at the expense of others' safety or well-being. Hate speech targeting race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or religion is strictly prohibited. Political criticism is allowed, but threatening or harassing behavior is not acceptable.

Mature Themes and Sensitivity

We distinguish mature themes from general audience content and enforce age restrictions. Creators must flag and restrict access to content with explicit sexual situations. Nudity must be appropriately flagged, and pornographic content is strictly prohibited.

Safety, Illegal Activities, and Disinformation

Umojami prohibits content promoting illegal activities, self-harm, or misinformation. Dangerous activities must be disclaimed, and exploitative works involving minors are strictly prohibited. The platform does not condone doxing, and creators with past criminal activities may face restrictions.

Respecting All Audiences and Avoiding Spam

Umojami values authentic interactions and prohibits spamming or deceptive practices. This includes soliciting trades, releasing malicious content, or artificially inflating engagement through misleading tactics.

Adherence to these guidelines ensures Umojami remains a supportive space for creators and audiences. Violations may result in account actions or removal. For more information or inquiries, contact Umojami's Trust & Safety team at These guidelines are an evolving document crafted with expert guidance and community feedback, aiming to cultivate a secure and vibrant creative community on Umojami.