Cookies Policy

A cookie represents a small text file that gets stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. This file allows the site to retain your actions and preferences for a specified period, eliminating the need to re-enter login or settings information upon navigating to different pages on our platform.

Utilization on Umojami:
Umojami utilizes cookies and similar tracking technologies to enrich our service. While not strictly essential for the functionality of the website, cookies significantly contribute to an enhanced browsing experience. However, opting to delete or block these cookies may impact certain features on the site. It's crucial to note that cookies are not employed for personal identification purposes but solely for the specific purposes described herein.

Security / Authentication:
Certain cookie functions are vital for maintaining the proper operation of Umojami for both visitors and fans. These functions include upholding security measures, ensuring the safety and integrity of Umojami, facilitating authentication and logins (including retaining permissions and consents you've granted), and ensuring secure transaction completion.

Performance / Analytics and Research:
Specific technologies aid in collecting performance data about Umojami's operation, thereby facilitating platform improvements. Data collected on-site and app functionality, speed, usage patterns on Umojami, and bug detection and reporting contribute to enhancing both the platform and the services provided.

Preferences / Localization:
Cookies play a role in delivering personalized views and settings on Umojami. Some cookies contribute to providing localized experiences, such as ensuring the platform appears in your preferred language.

Social Networks / Marketing:
Certain technologies enable interactions with social networks while using Umojami, such as logging in through a social network or utilizing features allowed by the social network's privacy policy. These technologies may be established and managed by social networks, and your preferences with those networks apply.

"Do-not-track" technologies: We do not respond to "Do-not-track" signals from web browsers.

Managing cookies:
You retain the ability to manage cookie usage at the individual browser level. However, declining or deleting cookies might affect the functionality of our services. Different browsers offer various methods for managing cookies; refer to your browser's help menu for guidance on adjusting your browser's cookie settings.

Changes to Cookie Policy:
We regularly update this Cookie Policy to accommodate shifts in legal and operational circumstances, new cookies and tracking technologies, and their impact on information usage. In cases where we intend to use information significantly differently from the initial collection or make substantial changes to our privacy practices, we will notify you. These changes will be communicated prominently on our website.

This policy constitutes a part of Umojami's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For further inquiries, contact Umojami at Visit our privacy center for comprehensive details on the specific cookies we use and how to opt out of them.